Sigrid has been a songwriter and lyricist since the early teens and next to her original projects she has written with artists, writers and producers such as Kygo, Shari Short(Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Rita Ora), Nick Wilson, Dan Green(Coldplay), Charlotte OC, JOWST, LMBY, Joseph Wander, Rothwell, Glowe, Amanda Tenfjord, 

Anders Kjær(Astrid S) and TK to name a few.


She specialises in pop, scandipop, rnb, EDM, folk and cinematic songwriting/composing and in 2017 she received a grant from Norwegian songwriting society TONO to write and produce music for film. 


Please get in touch if you want to hear some unreleased demos. 









Sigrid is an experienced, independent songwriter, lyricist and music producer and usually work in studios around London, Oslo and from her home studio in West London. 


She started her journey as a songwriter and lyricist with original band Circumnavigate in Oslo, Norway. Writing jazz, folk and pop ballads she moved into cinematic music and composing and had music placed in the first feature film by daughter of Martin Scorsese - Domenica Scorsese. Moving to London and being introduced to the world of music production allowed her to dive into pop, rnb and EDM toplining as well as keeping her roots in folk and cinematic music. She works regularly with producer Joseph Wander and keys player Joshua Curtis in London and pride herself on being a thoughtful lyricist with a love for nostalgia, poetry and visualising lyrics. Sigrid writes playful and dynamic melodies with a focus on keeping it interesting rhythmically. 


Sigrid writes with piano, but usually work as a topliner and/or producer in sessions.


Chiswick, London, UK